My Study Group: Supporting Study Groups At The University Of Copenhagen

Wednesday, September 28, 2022, On-Demand

At UCPH, we have developed “My Study Group”: an LTI-based Canvas app that forms study groups based on an algorithm. Students answer three questions and are then matched and divided into groups based on their response.
The purpose is twofold: to provide an easy-to-use tool supporting group-formation, and ultimately to increase student wellbeing through a more widespread use of study groups.
The app was developed by a cross-disciplinary team consisting of student counsellors, a researcher, and the operational Canvas system owner, in cooperation with an external provider specialized in educational software.
The underlying, research-backed approach is that group homogeneity is not necessarily the crucial factor determining a group’s success. Instead, what has proven to be essential is that groupwork is not hampered by logistical constraints, which is why the three questions focus on practical circumstances.
The instructor activates the app in the course room, defines the group size and sends questions to the students. Once the students have answered, the instructor initiates the group formation process, with the algorithm matching students based on similarity. When group formation is completed, the instructor can make manual adjustments before publishing the groups. The solution comes with support-tools addressing frequent challenges in group work.



Ruth Horak

Senior Consultant, University of Copenhagen


Katrine Lindvig

Assistant Professor, University of Copenhagen


Lars Kampp Zilmer

Technical PM, Arcanic A/S

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